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Artisanal Dough

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High graded anti-bloating agent wheat flour of the highest quality is used to produce our Signature dough.

Special care is taken in the fermentation process, taking natural steps and allowing longer time for proofing.

Sea salt, water and extra virgin olive oil are used to bring out the lightness of the flour and create a very healthy carb for all to enjoy. No butter or eggs are used which makes our dough unique, both vegan friendly and healthy.

Mutti® Tomato Sauce from Parma, Italy

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Mutti® Tomato Sauce is a velvety tomato puree blended with aromatic Mediterranean herbs. Made with 100% sun-ripened Italian tomatoes, it is delicious as an ingredient for your favorite recipes or simply tossed with pasta.



Is Mutti a good tomato sauce?

Mutti brings quality to the Italian tomato sauce industry. The company from Parma is the number one Italian private group in the tomato processing sector, a symbol of Italy's strengths worldwide



Our grated Mozzarella are from Ireland and processed in different parts of Europe (Netherlands & Denmark) and in every step of the process attaining a Halal certification with the Islamic Governing bodies of the respective countries.

It is also of vegetable 
rennet which makes our Mozzarella both Muslim & Vegetarian-Friendly.

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